International Leadership Texas/Lone Star Model United Nations Conference Fall 2023


November 4-5, 2023 –  Richardson, Texas

Welcome to the Second International Leadership Texas/Osgood Center Lone Star Model United Nations Conference 2023!

We look forward to meeting a community of learners for an interesting Model UN!

Lone Star Model UN

Preferred Registration – October 3, 2023
(Other applicants will be considered on need basis until the beginning of the conference.)

After a successful experience in February 2023 LSMUN2023 is ready for its second conference. LSMUN2023 is open to middle, high school, and college students looking for a solid experiential learning program to transition to more advanced conferences. There will be several advanced committees open to seniors and college students. LSMUN2023 conference offers students an ideal scenario to play roles to tackle real-world problems with realistic tools in the diplomacy toolkit.

Students can be the delegates of the countries that they are representing in middle and large size committees that include the Security Council (SC), the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), the World Health Assembly (WHA), the Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC), and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Why should you join this program?

At the Osgood Center, we believe that Model UN is a great learning opportunity for students to develop public speaking, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and analytical writing skills in a collaborative space. Whether students want to dig deeper into the ethical repercussions of ChatGPT from a human rights’ perspective or explore the challenges of multilateral actions in environmental protection, in LSMUN2023, students will be part of a program that combines academic rigor, thematic diversity, and diplomacy to educate them about their role as future leaders called to address these and other international challenges.

The Lone Star Model UN is open for both experienced and beginner Model UN delegates with globally-minded perspectives looking for a very engaging, hands-on experience.

You will enjoy being part of the ILTexas/Osgood Center Lone Star Model UN. You will learn about the international tools used realistically to solve world problems in the UN and to help the world become a safer and more sustainable place for all of us.

LSMUN 2023 is about getting you out of the traditional box. It encourages you to learn to cooperate and to immerse yourself in a global experience; in short, this conference will take you beyond your comfort zone to engage you in real-world challenges.

As delegates, in LSMUN 2023, you will learn and understand the scale and the complex nature of the global problems that require the United Nations and its Member States to step up to address them. You will gain leadership, communication, negotiation, research, and collaboration skills.

Dates and Venue

The conference will be on Saturday, NOVEMBER  4th and Sunday, NOVEMBER 5th, 2023 in Richardson, Texas. LSMUN2023 will be held at the Hilton Richardson Dallas, 701 E. Campbell Rd., Richardson, Texas, 75081.


Registering for LSMUN 2023 is simple. You just need to:

  • C H E C K the country matrix to DETERMINE your PREFERENCES (country assignments, committees) CHECK:
  • A S K your SCHOOL to register for LSMUN 2023 by filling out the registration form. FILL OUT A FORM
  • DETERMINE your program fees: $60.00 per delegate by check or Venmo, OR $63.00 by PayPal. NO institutional fees are required.
  • See the Conference Schedule.

Committee Procedures and Topics

In LSMUN2023 you will represent a country in a specific committee. During the conference, as a delegate, you will discuss 2 topics in each committee. A Committee Chair will enforce the LSMUN 2023 Rules of Procedure for an effective discussion.

Committee Topics


15 delegations of 1 or 2 delegates

Up to 90 delegates (3×30)

*Delegates will represent the 5 permanent members (China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, and United States of America) and the 10 non-permanent members (Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, Gabon, Ghana, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates) of the Security Council.

CHECK the country matrix for the Security Council



    1. The situation in Sudan
    2. Promoting cybersecurity, emerging technologies, and their impact on international peace and security

Up to 50 delegates

The major members of the World Health Assembly will be represented in this committee


    1. Improving patients’ safety
    2. Promoting a more responsible use of antibiotics

Up to 50 delegates each

Delegates from all the Security Council Member States plus other key members of the General Assembly


    1. Promoting effective, inclusive, and sustainable multilateral actions to tackle biodiversity loss, and climate change
    2. Preventing the next pandemic-zoonotic diseases and breaking the chain of transmission

    1. Mitigating the humanitarian impact of conventional arms

    2. Engaging young leaders to secure our common future in the global disarmament agenda



    1. Exploring the use of new and emerging digital technologies and human rights: addressing the ethics of artificial intelligence
    2. Achieving gender equality in and through education

Before the conference, you will learn about the topics and gain expertise while you study the background guides (BGs) provided for each committee, and you conduct independent research.

We look forward to meeting a community of learners for an interesting Model UN!