Virtual US-China Symposium

July 5-15, 2021

The U.S.-China relationship is the most important bilateral connection in the world, and what happens in it has global consequences. The Biden Administration has said, in the words of Secretary of State Blinken, that the U.S relations with China will be “competitive where it should be, collaborative where in can be, and adversarial where it must be.” The U.S.-China Symposium will explore this dynamic and give voice to the many points of view within the U.S. and China about the intense competition expected and whether it will be creative or destructive. Former diplomats, think tank and academic experts, economists, businesspersons, and journalists from both nations will interact with participants from around the globe in this virtual conference. Special to this event will be perspectives of other nations in Asia: Japan, the Philippines, Korea, and India. The daily schedule will be final in June, but expect well respected analysts from Brookings, CSIS, the East-West Center, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and journalists from CNN, the Washington Post, and Bloomberg. Chinese representatives from businesses, media and academic circles will also attend.

Admission is on a rolling basis. The cost is $500 for participants from non-partner institutions, and payment is due upon registration through Venmo (@Shelton-Williams-11) or PayPal ( Email this application form to