2017 Presidential Inauguration Program

Inauguration 2017

The Osgood Center for International Studies invites your institution to participate in an academic seminar that revolves around the historic 2017 presidential inauguration. This quadrennial event is one of the most important events in American history that is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people who come to D.C. to witness history in the making. With a presidential transition set to take place, this is a unique opportunity to celebrate this bipartisan event on the National Mall and at special inaugural activities.

To accommodate various types of academic calendars, we are offering both a two-week program, ideal for Jan Term schools, or a one-week program for those institutions already in session. What is unique about this program is that the Osgood Center will consult with faculty attending the program with their students in order to cover preferred topics and arrange site visits that fit their academic focus. Whether this involves an emphasis on politics, domestic policy, foreign policy, the role of the media and interest groups, various public policy issues or even the arts and humanities, we can arrange appropriate activities to suit your preferences.

Please note: The Osgood Center cannot provide tickets to inauguration events and activities. Information on how to obtain access to these events will be communicated to participating institutions.

Here are the three program options and details:

Two-week program
Jan. 8-21, 2017

Housing for 13 nights: Contact us for current affordable rates.
Inquire about program discounts for groups of 10 or more students.

One-Week Program
Jan. 15-21, 2017

Housing for 6 nights: Contact us for current affordable rates.
Inquire about program discounts for groups of 10 or more students

There is no program charge for the faculty, but they are charged the cost of housing. Food, transportation and other personal expenses are also not included. Arrangements can be made to arrive a day earlier or depart a day later for a small additional charge.

Program Format

  • Orientation
  • Morning speaker and panel presentations
  • Afternoon site visits to meet with governmental, advocacy, media and international representatives and experts
  • Reception
  • Free time to explore DC or attend inaugural activities and congressional hearings
  • Special day at the Newseum

Please note: The Osgood Center does not provide tickets to inauguration events and activities. Advice on how to obtain access to these and other inauguration events will be communicated to program participants.

Potential Topics

We will confer with faculty who are bringing students regarding the type of speakers they would like to see, but generally we will likely provide presentations on the following:

  • History and Traditions of Presidential Inaugurations
  • How the Presidential Transition Works
  • Presidential and Congressional Relations
  • Presidency and Domestic Policy
  • Presidency and Foreign Policy
  • Presidency and the Media
  • Presidency and the Courts
  • Future of the American Political Party System


Planning your own inauguration program, but need housing and some basic infrastructure? The Osgood Center will accept a limited number of faculty-led programs to use our housing and infrastructure, but without the programming options. Here are the details:

Dates: Sunday, January 15 to Saturday, January 21, 2017

Deadlines and Payments

Reservations (via email) from institutions will be accepted until spaces are filled. Past experience indicates we will be filled by early fall, so we urge your institution to reserve space to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

Payment in full is required by December 19, 2016 unless other arrangements are made. Requests (in writing via email) for a full refund minus a $150 administrative fee are possible until December 30, 2016. No refunds are available for any reason after that date. To avoid disappointment due to illness, inclement weather, change of plans, etc., we encourage participants to consider travel insurance.

The Osgood Center Difference

Dr. Shelton Williams and Dr. Eugene Alpert, president and vice president, respectively, of the Osgood Center, have been planning presidential inauguration programs since the 1980s. Our contacts and familiarity with procedures and protocols will serve as an invaluable resource for those attending this program versus coming on one’s own to D.C.

About the Osgood Center

The Osgood Center is a non-profit educational organization that offers short-term foreign policy and experiential learning programs for graduate, college, and, occasionally, high school students from around the globe.

At the Osgood Center, our mission is to advance understanding of public affairs and contemporary international and domestic issues. We positively affect the lives of our participants and prepare them to be better global citizens through quality educational experiences that emphasize short-term active engagement and experiential learning programs such as academic seminars and internships. Our vision is a generation of young people who strive to understand public policy issues and work to find creative solutions to global problems.

We are known for the personal attention we provide our program participants and for the customized instructional model that we utilize to help them achieve their academic and career goals. For more information and to make reservations, contact us at:

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